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Rules for Pets Visiting London and UK

For bringing pets into the UK, there are two choices:
1. Pet Travel Scheme PET
2. Quarantine of 6 months

To qualify for the pet scheme, the cat, dog (including guide dogs and hearing dogs) or ferret must have done ALL of the following:
Come from the UK or one of the countries in the table below.
Microchipped (at least 6 months before entry)
Vaccinated against rabies after the microchip animal identification, even if there is a current vaccination.
Blood tested for rabies showing sufficient rabies protection 6 months before entry.
PETS scheme documentation. This is a pet passport in the EU, but other countries have their own documentation.
Transport into the UK is only via recognised and registered transport companies and certain entry points. So check before booking.
Treatment for ticks and tapeworm

This is the normal order, but certain countries in Europe can have a slightly different order.

Please note that, if the pet is transiting via an unlisted country, you need to obtain a certificate from the travel company to confirm that it stayed on the ship / plane (or designated airport area) and did not come into contact with other animals.

The pet needs to be treated against ticks and tapeworms not less than 24 hours and not more than 48 hours before you check-in with an approved transport company for the journey that brings your dog, cat or ferret into the UK. This treatment must be recorded in sections VI & VII of the EU pet passport or the third country official veterinary certificate. Any vet qualified to practise in a listed country can carry out and record the treatment or issue an official certificate. You MUST NOT administer the treatment yourself. You also need to do this before the pet leaves the UK.


DEFRA Website

Alternatively, ring the PETS Helpline on 0870 241 1710.

Qualifying European Union (EU) countries and territories

UK-resident dogs, cats and ferrets can travel to any of the EU countries and territories shown below and return to the UK under the Scheme. Pets that come from any of these countries can also enter the UK under PETS as long as they meet the rules. Pets must not have been outside any of the EU or non-EU listed countries in the 6 calendar months before travelling to the UK.

Austria Estonia Hungary Netherlands
Azores Faroe Islands Ireland 3 Poland
Balearic Islands Finland Italy Portugal
Belgium France Latvia Reunion
Bulgaria French Guiana Lithuania Romania
Canary Islands Germany Luxembourg Slovakia
Ceuta Gibraltar Madeira Slovenia
Cyprus 1 Greece Malta Spain
Czech Republic Greenland Martinique Sweden
Denmark Guadeloupe 2 Melilla  

Countries with a prefix number have specific requirements and restrictions so visit the DEFRA site.

Non EU PETS Countries

Andorra Fiji New Caledonia
Antigua & Barbuda French Polynesia New Zealand
Argentina Grenadines Norway
Aruba Guam Russian Federation (2)
Ascension Island Hawaii St Helena
Australia Hong Kong St Kitts & Nevis
Bahrain Iceland St Pierre & Miquelon
Barbados Jamaica (1) St Vincent
Belarus Japan San Marino
Bermuda Liechtenstein Singapore
Bosnia-Herzegovina Malaysia (3) Switzerland
British Virgin Islands Mauritius Taiwan
Canada Mayotte Trinidad and Tobago
Cayman Islands Mexico United Arab Emirates (4)
Chile Monaco USA (mainland)
Croatia Montserrat Vanuatu
Falkland Islands Netherlands Antilles Vatican
  Wallis & Futuna

Countries with a prefix number have specific requirements and restrictions so visit the DEFRA site.